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The Rideauvoile adventure was born when 2 friends went in search of an original shower curtain to decorate their small apartment in Versailles.
And since then, they have put their love of fabric and patterns within their professional universe in common, to meet the demand for custom and personalized decoration projects that wish to be valued by triggering "favorites".
They support professionals and individuals with fabrics and services that make it possible to:
- Live emotions every time you enter a room, a practice hall, a waiting room ...
- Feel an atmosphere that makes you want to ask yourself, to contemplate .... and that invites us to escape spiritually.
- A controlled interior and exterior decoration that has a soul, an atmosphere that regenerates and that diffuses positive energy on a daily basis.
Rideauvoile is for those who wish to decorate with the desire to stay yourself.
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Rideauvoile shop store french country fabrics luxury meter yard furnishing upholstery decorating home room tour drapes curtain

Important Information: The Rideauvoile.com shop remains a must for the renovation of personal or professional spaces. To decorate your shop window or respond to an event project ... To resize your hotel or restaurant decoration .. Specialist in textile decoration, Rideauvoile.com accompanies you with a personalized finish that remains unique and timeless.

Rideauvoile store shop online french fabrics meter upholstery furnishing drapes curtain

Our priority: Satisfy yourself by creating one or more unique products, rare to create an emotion. Our fabrics, the creations of our editors and creators are rare and personalized.Choose your motif and make your decoration on the textile support of your choice. Contact us if you wish to have information on the fabric best suited to your project?

✉️: rideauvoile@gmail.com
☎️: 07 64 08 52 56 (France)

Rideauvoile store shop Paris Versailles French luxury fabrics upholstery furnishing meter decorating home room Top billing Empire

Rideauvoile store shop online french fabrics meter upholstery furnishing drapes curtain

We make custom made in France, in our workshops in Paris:

Curtains / Panel / Wall Hanging:
- Decorative drapes, Sheer veil curtain,
- Shower curtain,
- Curtain indoor or outdoor.
- Decorative panel (curtain or sheer), wall hanging (with or without seams)
Rideauvoile.com offers you:
- Finishes and accessories to personalize your curtains:
Eyelets, ruflette, wooden rings, braces and other finishes at your convenience.
See all the choices in the category "Curtain Finishing"
Textile and product for the home:
- Mattress cover, Pillowcase, Fitted sheet, Duvet cover
- Headboard cover to slide on a rod
- Plaid, Bedspread, comforter and tailor-made boutis
- Bath Linen: Towels & Patterned Shower Curtain
Furniture and Decoration:
- Occasional chair,
- Lamp shade, lamp feet
- Tote bag Cabas, shoes

The shop RideauVoile.com is in contact with the furniture textile editors who print to the order on the fabric of your choice.

Thanks to specify to us during your order if you wish a support other than the standards. Contact us by email for ask informatios on your project.

✉️: rideauvoile@gmail.com
☎️: 07 64 08 52 56 (France)

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 Entrust us with your project.
The strong point of your Rideauvoile store: Your patterns are available on the fabric support of your choice without modifying the initial price. You can thus select a reference and order it on several textile supports according to the needs of your project. It is ideal for coordinating interior and exterior decoration.

French country fabrics decorating room home luxury décoration boutique rideauvoile🔶 Our custom printed patterns with standard textile supports of your choice:
✋Furniture fabric for tapestry decoration - Width approximately 145 cm. standard - (Large width 280 cm available for Pro from 10 meters).
Use: Classic curtain, decorative cushion, seat upholstery, wall tapestry, and others.
Available in flame retardant (M1 - Fire resistant) or classic.
✋ Polycotton - Standard width 145 cm - large width up to 3 meters.
Use: Light flexible curtain, pillowcase, duvet cover (cotton percale), cushion, accessories.
Available in flame retardant (M1 - Fire resistant) or classic.

🔶 Our other textile supports on request: Cotton, Polyester, Suede, Velvet, Linen fabric, wool fabric, Satin, Semi transparent sheer curtain, cheesecloth, Blackout fabric, jacquard.
Also: Faux leather, Jersey, Silk, Outer fabric, Waterproof fabric, Fireproof fabric, Semi-transparent fabric, Fireproof wall textile (M1 - Fireproof), Waxed canvas, phonic fabrics and others on request.

Detail of fabrics and supports available: Click here

So that your interior and exterior decoration projects can highlight your know-how, we make every effort to support you with unique services that stand out from the competition.
Contact us - Free quote.

✉️: rideauvoile@gmail.com
☎️: 07 64 08 52 56 (France)

how to order samples french fabrics decorating home top billing house room

All sample requests are to be ordered within your fabric reference.
🔶1 Sample order = 2 Pattern references from the same collection (i.e. your 2 patterns have the same design but different colors)
- Contact us if you need help or explanations to order and receive your samples.
✉️: rideauvoile@gmail.com
☎️: 07 64 08 52 56 (France)

🔶 Do you want to order more than 3 samples?
Send us the list of selected references in order to receive an invoice with a unit price adapted to your request.
As soon as it has been accepted and received your payment, we make every effort to bring you complete satisfaction.
- Contact us if you need help or explanations to order and receive your samples.
✉️: rideauvoile@gmail.com
☎️: 07 64 08 52 56 (France)
We fully reimburse sample references that are the subject of a final order.
We invite you to watch the video by clicking on the image below to help you order your samples.

 rideauvoile.com shop store decorating luxury home room curtain french fabrics meter

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